When you have a friend who checks on you and wants nothing but the best for you, keep them dear. Such souls are rare.

Each of our friends represents a world within us, a world that may or may not exist until they arrive, and it is only through this encounter that a new world emerges. True friends are like diamonds in that they are uncommon and valuable. Fake friends are like leaves; they can be found almost anywhere. I once had one and woke up one day to find him gone, but I’ll always be glad for the memories. More than words can express how much I adore and miss you.

You are the greatest of all one might wish to know. I adore you, and God is on your side. You’re the extra humorous wonderful buddy who has the additional grace of God’s love for so many people.

You are a kind and loving person to many and very special to me…I only wish and want the best for you!! Love ❤️💕you.

All of my friends are fortunate to have me as a friend because I often check in on them to ensure that they are doing well and, if they are not, I will place them in my prayers. I’m always there for people who are dear to me and for those who are good to me without asking anything in return.

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