Please don’t become bored of being a nice person with a soft heart.

Kindness transforms you into the most attractive person on the planet, regardless of your appearance.

I understand how difficult it can be; I understand how terrible it can be, especially when people taunt you for having a decent heart.

There may be temptations to become cold-hearted, but I promise you that good individuals like you are far more needed than more cold-hearted people, and that you are critical to transforming the world.

If everyone was bad, you might not have been able to exist in the first place.

The world wouldn’t be a better place if everyone was unpleasant, cold-hearted, and unforgiving.

Always be kind because you chose to make a difference in people’s lives and because you are a kind person.

Kindness pays off, even if it takes years. What counts is that the good you do for others is always returned to you.

I once heard a story about an amputee who could always hack bananas or sachet waters from the sidewalk.

People sometimes wondered what he did with all of the money he made from his business because he never bought clothes or spent money on frivolous items like the other who would always stare at him.

Little did anyone know that he donates the majority of his earnings to a non-governmental organization that trains orphans and physically disabled individuals.

Many people mocked him and labeled him a dummy since he was no better than them and wanted to assist others.

Years passed, and he continued to donate, until he vanished without a trace; it was later learned that one of the NGO sponsors had taken him abroad to receive a prosthetic.

He was also sent to college, despite the fact that he only had a high school diploma; this is how his life went from grass to grace.

Being good to others pays off.

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