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Happy Soul – James

Hello Everyone,

First I want to say thank you so very much in your interest in my brand Happy Soul. My name is James and I currently live in the Sunshine State- Florida. I have created this page back in 2017. I grew up in a decent household and live a good life.

I have created this page because I could and seen enough darkness in this world and I just wanted to be the light in peoples life.

I think a major contributor to my desire to help started when I was young. When I was 16, just got my license and I looked like your average 90s punk. I wore the jnco jeans with funky looking shirt. I had a bowl cut with blonde hair and more piercings than comfortable for your average grandparent. Well, one day I was driving by a store and a old man walked out the store and the moment he stepped off the curb, he fell and hit the ground. This man was about 70 years old. Then the truck that he fell in front of decided to just drive around him an so did the few cars behind him. They all just left this old man laying in the road. So me being me, I slammed on my breaks and blocked the entire road and went running over to help this man up. Once my young skinny self got over there and was struggling to lift up this 250 pound older gentleman, then about 20 people appeared out of no where to start helping. Once we got him up, I left before anyone could say thank you. As I got back to my car, there were these two older ladies that were behind me and seen the entire thing. She yelled for me to come over and she said “Son, you are the light that is needed in this world. You will be blessed for the rest of your life”. Then from that moment forward it must have struck a cord in me. I simply could not understand how so many people could just drive around the gentleman. So I vowed to make sure to spend the rest of my life trying to bring light into this world and hope that I can get others to shine a bit of light into the people around them.