Beauty isn’t just about having a nice face; it’s also about having a nice mind, a nice heart, and a nice spirit.

My grandmother would constantly remind us by says that beauty is found in one’s soul rather than one’s physical appearance. I went to a beauty pageant and was blown away by the quantity of stunning women who competed.

They were all put through several tests, and it was difficult to pick a winner; they were then put to the final test, which was a test of kindness. They were all given the day off to tour the area and return to their lodgings before the end of the day, and the judges were keeping a close watch on all of them.

There was often a poor woman who sat near the main hall, she was ill, blind, and in need of great assistance to get home. She pleaded with the girls as they walked by, but they all dismissed her as old, unclean, and ugly person, and they didn’t want her to spoil their silky smooth outfits.

Only one girl stood out from the crowd and offered her assistance; when her friends observed her doing so, they mocked her and reminded her that she was the least attractive of the group and would be expelled shortly thereafter.

These statements didn’t deter her from doing what she felt was right and assisting the elderly woman, and the judges knew they’d identified a winner at that moment. There was a big outcry in the hall when she was declared the winner, and many demanded the conditions that led to her receiving the crown.

The judges took their time to compliment her on her beauty, praising both her heart and her physical appearance. They informed the other girls that their physical beauty would get them to the top, but only their hearts’ beauty would keep them there. It was a powerful reminder to all: always be kind.

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