A Mother’s dream is to see her children grow to be happy and successful.

My family’s financial situation was difficult when I was a child.

To make ends meet at the end of the week, Mom would occasionally have to borrow my allowance money.

She would still buy steaks and grill them for Dad and me once a month (she knew I loved steak), and she would end up giving me half of hers because I would want more.

I was too young to fully comprehend what she was up to.
However, once I got “married with children,” I realized the sacrifices that parents make for their children.

A Mother is the only person who carries you for 9 months in her belly, 3 years in her arms, and forever in her heart•

A Mother can take care of ten children. But sometimes ten children can’t take care of one mother.•

A Mother is always a Mother. She never stops worrying about her children even when they are all growing and have children of their own.

Being Mother is the highest paid job in the world, Since the payment is in pure love.

My Mother was far from perfect, she didn’t go to the -best schools, dress in fine clothes or have a lot of money. But when I look back, she had riches that money can’t buy.. a big heart that only know one thing, the love for her children.

Never hurt your Mother, nothing is painful than seeing tears on her eyes.

Always love your Mother because you’ll never get another.

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