It’s reasonable to suppose that keeping an eye on your dogs all of the time is nearly impossible. This tale exemplifies that. A FedEx courier made a special delivery to a family in Castle Pines, Colorado, earlier this month.

When their three-year-old Golden Retriever, Catcher, fled from their house, Lisa Menzies and her husband were out of town.

The adventure-seeking canine jumped at the chance to explore the outside when a breeze blew open their front door.


“We were getting some repairs done on the house,” she told KDVR.

“Our contractor left to go to lunch and shut the front door, and the wind blew the door open while I was gone, and Catcher escaped.”

Catcher is seen going down the front yard in a video caught by the family’s Ring doorbell camera, then entirely disappearing as she reaches the end and turns left.

Fortunately, the curious pup wasn’t left exploring the streets for long, as she was discovered by a Good Samaritan before she got into trouble.


Catcher was discovered by a FedEx carrier, and Lisa remembered receiving a text message from him about her missing pet.

“He just said, ‘I found your dog, and the address on her tag is where I’m I’m going to take her,’ and then he put her in the house with such care,” Lisa said in an interview with Fox31 Denver.

The lovely moment the chauffeur dropped down the unique item at the Menzies’ house was also captured on camera. The guy led Catcher to the front door, which was open, and closed it behind him.

Surprisingly, witnessing the compassionate stranger bringing her cat into the house reminded Lisa of the Titanic movie’s theme song. His gesture of charity seemed like something out of a movie to her.


“He was taking such care and love with her that it was really amusing,” she said.

If the FedEx driver had disregarded a stray dog on the street, Lisa knew the situation might have been much worse. Catcher could have walked out onto a busy road, but thankfully, the man was there to save her.

“He interrupted his day and his package delivery schedule to pick her up and hand-carry her into our home and lock the door behind him. I don’t want to think about where else she could have ended up,” Lisa said.


Now that the dog has returned home safely, Lisa ensures that continual surveillance will be carried out in order to avoid another uncontrolled outside trip.

The nameless FedEx driver had nothing but thanks from Lisa. She wants to meet him eventually and express her gratitude in person for his kindness.

“He is certainly our family’s hero,” she added.

Watch the video below to learn more about this story.

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