For some people who are homeless or alone, their canine friends are their sole source of hope. These creatures provide people a cause to grin and rejoice, as was the case with Choko José Luis Matos, a guy from Bucaramanga, Colombia.

A observer noticed Choko and his four-legged buddies, Shaggy and Nena, sitting on stairs at a local park earlier this year.

The trio appeared to be enjoying the pleasant night air at first, but the party hats indicated that this was a special occasion.

The pals were, in fact, celebrating Shaggy’s birthday. Choko petted the sleeping dogs before exposing a tiny cake and candles. Then he began clapping his hands and singing them “Happy Birthday.”

While the two dogs watched, Choko lighted the two candles on the cake. The homeless man kissed each puppy on the cheeks when the flames were out. He then sliced the cake using a little plastic knife.

Choko sliced a slice of cake for each of his dogs and placed it on paper plates before serving it to them. He took his own plate and started eating. While they were eating, Choko appeared to become sad and began wiping tears from his eyes.

When you think about it, the party hats, plates, and candles most likely cost Choko money he might have spent on meals. However, as a caring pet owner, he saw that the dogs deserved a celebration.

Choko then gave the birthday kid a hug after seeing him devour his cake. His caring owner lavished additional love on the other dog.

The individual who filmed the priceless moment contacted Choko after he finished shooting to inquire about their life and offer assistance. He discovered that Choko had run away from an abusive household and had been living on the streets for several years.

Despite the fact that she didn’t have a house or a work, Choko made sure that Shaggy and Nena were always looked after. They were, after all, his only family, and he cherished them dearly.

People donated food, supplies, and money to assist Choko and his family get back on their feet after the video was uploaded online by the individual who took it.

Other animal lovers congregated in the park where the celebration was hosted. People had him pose with their own dogs for photographs, and the guy and his puppies became instant celebrities.

That was merely the beginning of Choko’s life’s gifts. Someone who heard his tale gave him a new phone, which he used to establish his own Instagram account, which currently has over 186,000 followers.

He recounted his experience on Instagram Live and revealed that he was originally from the town of El Peón. Choko said that Shaggy was enjoying his 4th birthday on the day of the famous video, while Nena will be celebrating hers in November.

Choko also talked about his ambitions to pursue music and open an animal refuge.

According to his Instagram, things appear to be looking up for Choko, Shaggy, and Nena now that they have a place to call home and a better life. And the nice man has already begun to give back by designing and selling t-shirts, with a percentage of the proceeds going to support animals in need.

“I was never alone in all my years on the streets.” My dogs have always been there to offer joy to many sad days, and now we’re going to help many people who need us!” he said.

We’re thrilled to learn that this trio is doing well and is now assisting others!

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