People with Down syndrome sometimes suffer of the misconception that they are unable to have children. Women with Down syndrome can have children perfectly well, and in exceedingly rare situations, males with Down syndrome can also become dads.  Jad Issa, a man with down syndrome, and his wife not only welcomed but were blessed with a kid, and also raised him to be a doctor.

We’d like to share with our readers the touching tale of this Syrian family, which illustrate that there is nothing more powerful than unselfish love.

A father who lavished all of his affection on his child

When Jad’s son Sader was born, he was welcomed into the family and pampered with affection, just like any other child in a home. Sader recalls feeling extremely loved as a youngster, and recalls his father spending time with him wrestling, thumb wrestling, and enjoying other activities. The community embraced the family and welcomed them for who they are.

He worked hard as ever to ensure his son could achieve his life desires.

Jad, who used to work in a wheat mill, started saving money for his son’s college since he had huge ambitions for him. He did everything he could to help his family, and according to Sader, his father’s dedication to providing him with the best future possible pushed him to study hard and pursue a career as a doctor. He captioned a photo with his father, “I think I would’ve been much less enthused about life and lot less passionate about what I do if I didn’t have my unique father.”

Father is extremely proud of his son

Sader is now a dentist, which is one of Syria’s greatest and highest-paying jobs, and Jad’s joy has no boundaries. When his kid was still in school, Jad would introduce him to new people by saying, “My son is a doctor,” with a sparkle in his eye.

Stereotypes are designed to be shattered, and the family is living proof of that.

When asked about his parents’ relationship, Sader said that despite being together for decades, his mother and father’s love is still as strong as if they were married yesterday. They are well aware of each other’s requirements. They enjoy going on walks together and will sometimes simply sit and talk for hours.

Sader attributes his success to his father, admitting that he is as as proud of him as his father is of him. In their spare time, the dynamic couple enjoys watching movies together.

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