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You Can Get A Cooling Blanket That Absorbs Heat to Keep You Cool While You Sleep



I’m looking forward to going camping in the near future. My biggest complaint about camping in Florida is how hot it gets in a tent at night.

But I’m one of those persons that needs a blanket to sleep. Eek!

I came across this really cool blanket that absorbs your body heat and keeps you cool at night! When we go camping, it’ll be perfect for me!

My spouse operates the air conditioner at freezing temps at home, so I’m always chilly.

This would be great for those of you that are always hot though! It is perfect for adults as well as kids.

It’s made entirely of cotton and has Japanese Q-Max 0.4 cooling fibers. It is because of this that it absorbs your body heat. It also keeps you dry, which makes it ideal for camping!

On one side, it’s made of 80 percent Mica Nylon and 20 percent PE Cool Fabris, while on the other, it’s made of 100 percent Cotton. The side you use against your body is the Cotton side.

It’s a pretty good size at 59″ x 79″, so it will fit a twin or full-sized bed. Totally perfect for travel at that size!

Washing it is easy! It is machine washable, you just need to put it in a net laundry bag to keep it from getting damaged.

You can get your own for for $47.99 on Amazon right now with free delivery!

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