It’s time for Gerber to choose its Chief Growing Officer and Spokesbaby once again but now for 2022.

The Gerber Photo Search for 2022 began on Monday and will be accessible until April 14.

For up to one year, the winner will serve as the Gerber Spokesbaby in 2022 and will be an honorary member of Gerber’s Executive Team.

Gerber is searching for youngsters aged 0 to 4 years old that have a bright, lively grin, an appealing giggle, and an unquestionably charming attitude, according to the company. According to the official regulations, this year’s entries will require both images and videos. Professional photography is not permitted. For video submissions, TikTok and Instagram reels are accepted.

New this year is Gerber’s $25,000 donation to the March of Dimes. The amount matches the winner’s cash prize.

Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby, turned 95 in 2021.

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