“Grease” is a beloved musical film that was released in 1978 and is based on the musical of the same name. The film starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John and was a huge success, grossing over $394 million worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing movie musical at the time. Here are 8 unknown facts about the movie “Grease”:

“Grease” was originally a stage musical that was first performed in 1972. The film adaptation was released in 1978 and was directed by Randal Kleiser.

The role of Sandy was originally offered to Ann-Margret, but she turned it down. The role eventually went to Olivia Newton-John.

The role of Danny was originally offered to Henry Winkler, but he turned it down. The role eventually went to John Travolta.

Travolta had to be convinced to play the role of Danny. He initially thought the character was too similar to his role in “Saturday Night Fever” and wasn’t interested in playing another similar character.

The film’s iconic song “You’re The One That I Want” was not in the original stage musical. It was added specifically for the film adaptation.

The film’s famous opening number, “Grease,” was shot on the first day of filming. This was done to capture the energy and enthusiasm of the cast and crew, who were all excited to be starting the project.

The film’s famous hand jive scene was not choreographed in advance. The cast was taught the dance on the day of filming and the scene was shot in one take.

The film’s famous closing number, “We Go Together,” was shot in one take with all the cast members singing and dancing together. This was done to capture the energy and excitement of the cast and crew, who were all feeling nostalgic as the filming came to an end.

These facts show that the movie “Grease” was not just a simple and straight forward production, it had a lot of behind the scenes stories that make the movie even more interesting. The movie remains a classic and beloved by many to this day.

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