“The Burbs” is a 1989 dark comedy film directed by Joe Dante and starring Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern, and Rick Ducommun. The film tells the story of a suburban neighborhood that becomes obsessed with the mysterious new neighbors who move in next door. Although the film was a moderate success at the box office, it has since become a cult classic. Here are 8 unknown facts about the movie “The Burbs” that you may not have known:

1.The film’s original title was “The ‘Burbs,” with the apostrophe indicating the neighborhood’s colloquial name. However, the apostrophe was removed in the final title.

2. The film was shot on location in a real suburb of Los Angeles called Monrovia. The houses used in the film were actual homes, and the filmmakers had to negotiate with the residents to use their properties.

3. Tom Hanks was the first choice for the lead role of Ray Peterson, and he accepted the role without reading the script. Hanks was a fan of Joe Dante’s work and was excited to work with him.

4. Bruce Dern’s character, Art Weingartner, was originally written as a more likable character. However, Dern suggested making his character more eccentric and paranoid, which added a comedic element to the film.

5. The film’s famous “thumbs-up” scene was improvised by Tom Hanks. The script only called for Hanks’ character to wave, but Hanks suggested the thumbs-up gesture for a more comedic effect.

6. The film’s famous “footprint” scene was also improvised. Joe Dante had asked for a close-up of a footprint in the script, but the special effects team had not prepared one. They ended up using a mold of Tom Hanks’ own foot.

7. The film’s famous “I’ll be back” scene was a reference to the “Terminator” films. The line was added as a nod to Joe Dante’s love of science fiction and horror.

8. The film’s famous “Goonies” reference was also a nod to Joe Dante’s love of science fiction and horror. The Goonies is also directed by Joe Dante, and the film is a popular cult classic.

These unknown facts about “The Burbs” show that the film is full of hidden gems that add to its cult classic status. From improvised scenes to references to other films and television shows, “The Burbs” is a film that is filled with surprises. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.

  1. Bruce Dern played Mark Rumsfield and Rick Ducommun played Art Weingartner. Also Richard Donner directed The Goonies not Joe Dante. Joe Dante directed Gremlins.

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