Just because somebody is quiet it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with them.  Even if someone is extremely loud and proud or if someone is quite and soft doesn’t matter. You are still someone that matters to the world.

Far too often, I hear people railing against others who are quieter or more relaxed in general. Although these individuals may be among the most fascinating to meet, they are often ignored. To be honest, we should all be more conscious than ever that quiet people should not be overlooked.  They have the ability to do absolutely anything and everything.

They consider everything they say and do, and they don’t make decisions without rehearsing them for hours on end, ensuring that they are confident in almost every move they take. This, in and of itself, is something for which we can all aspire. Quiet people are always introverted and cautious as a group, but that does not make them strange. They’re still wonderful people who are a lot of fun to be around.

These types of people’s minds are constantly moving. They’re spinning and rotating and flipping, and the more you get to know a quiet person, the more you’ll notice that they can do all that loud people can do, and then some.

Quiet people may express themselves when necessary, but they tend to say only what needs to be said. They are able to hold their own in unique ways, and they are usually able to pick up on details that others are unable to. They have a natural ability to read facial expressions, sense the energy in a room, and prepare for any scenario that may arise.

They’re all excellent listeners. When you get close to a quiet person, they will listen to you talk about pretty much anything, and they will lend you an ear anytime you might need it. They know how to take it in more than anyone else because they’re already silent. There’s nothing wrong with just being yourself, and if that means you’re a little quiet, that’s perfect.

I am a quiet person on most occasions, and I believe that this allows me to see things in a different way. I dissect everything around me and delve deeply into subjects that most people overlook. Are you a person who prefers to be quiet?

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