Good women deserve way more respect than they currently receive, and you should be grateful if you have one in your life. They not only do whatever they can for you, but they also help you evolve in every way.

Amazing women are those that are there for you and support you even when things aren’t going so great.  You’re a fool if she’s there for you with all the respect you need and for her to be somehow take her for granted is a shame on your behalf.  Remind her that she is vital while she is in your life so that things don’t get screwed up in the future.

Now I’ll go through some of the telltale signs that the woman in your life is a good one. If these signs are currently present in your woman, then make sure you should show your gratitude to her even if she doesn’t ask for it. She is a woman that you will not want to lose in your life.

10 Signs That You Have An Amazing Woman In Your Life

1. She is a team player

She collaborates with you to get things done rather than being greedy and just caring about what she wants. She understands that the people around her are important to her and that she cares for them. You’re aware that you’re on the same side.

2. She Understand And Respects Your Opinions

Even though she may not always agree with you on everything, she does respect your opinion and is willing to sit there and hear things out. You and your partner can always sit down and have a deep discussion without interrupting each other. Things that need to be voiced do not go without being said and you both respect each other.

3. She Makes You Feel Lucky She Is In Your Life

She’s the type of person who makes you happy to have around. She brightens up your day and makes you feel happy in all the right ways. You enjoy being in her presents.

4. Always Helping You Become A Better Person

Women that are good to us are always the ones who assist us in being better versions of ourselves. And when we don’t see it, they see it. She is always uplifting you and never devaluing you.

5. She Cares Truly About The Ones You Care About

People who are significant to you are also significant to her. Even though she doesn’t get along with everyone, she makes an effort to satisfy them within reason in order to maintain good relations. She understands that important people matter, and you’re both on board with this as long as respect is maintained.

6. She Doesn’t Beat Around The Bush

She isn’t the type of person to sugarcoat anything. She’ll be the one to tell you if you need to know something.

7. Not The Type To Play Games And Has Her Boundaries

She is set in her ways when it comes to what she desires in life. She knows her limits and isn’t here to mess around. She has it planned out, which is exactly as it should be.

8. She Doesn’t Try And Change You Into Somethings You Are Not

She accepts you as you are and helps you grow, unlike some other people. She doesn’t want you to become something you aren’t.

9. She Is Strong And Independent

She can stand on her own and doesn’t depend on you to get by. She can do things without you, but because you two care for each other, you both want to do things together. This is a lovely thing in and of itself.

10. She Has Realistic Expectations

She doesn’t try to force you to do stuff you’re not capable of. She sets achievable goals for you and doesn’t push you beyond your achievable limits. She understands that no one is perfect and that everybody makes mistakes.

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