Anyone who has lost a parent, whether recently or early in life, understands how painful it can be. My own loss of a parent was incredibly difficult for me, and I struggled to move on for several years. Our relationships with our parents influence us and the way we see the world for years to come as we grow up. It’s terrifying to have someone who raised and cared for you during your childhood suddenly vanish from your life. It’s easy to succumb to depression and continue to blame the universe or ourselves for putting us in this position when all you have are distant memories to hang on to.

When a parent passes away, we will feel alone.

It’s difficult to accept that we’ll never be able to look to that parent for support in our lives again. When a parent dies, the most common emotion we experience as children is betrayal. When this trend arises in our relationships in our lives, it will always hit us in a different way.

Dealing with grief inside a family can be difficult as well, because we are subjected to other people’s grief and how they cope naturally affects us. Things can get a little hazy emotionally, and we can lose track of who we are inside our own families.

Apart from dealing with the grief of our loss, we can also become enraged, blaming the absent parent for abandoning us. Many of us will establish destructive habits if we don’t have anyone to help us through the mourning phase. We have the option of turning inward and isolating ourselves from the outside world, or we can act out by harming our closest relationships. Both are self-destructive, but with the right knowledge, we will learn to take an active role in our healing rather than passively waiting for it to happen.

Time isn’t a self-healing agent.

Grief is a difficult thing to deal with. Regardless of whether or not they were a significant part of our lives, the loss of a parent leaves a void in our lives. Spending some time alone, as well as getting close friends who may have experienced a loss of their own, may be beneficial at first. Since they are objective and truly want us to recover and evolve, a non-family member’s outside viewpoint can be a catalyst in helping us cope with grief. Since misery loves company and everybody grieves differently, remember to give your family the time and space they need to mourn the loss in their own way.

Healing after you have lost a parent

Many people, including myself, find comfort in being absorbed in work.
However, it’s important to strike a healthy balance that helps you to process the pain you’re experiencing as a result of your loss. Remember that missing someone who leaves us is a healthy part of life, particularly if we have lost a parent. As a result, spending time fondly reminiscing about the good times you had together is an important part of the healing process. Balance is achieved by repetition, so let’s take a look at a few boxes to check during those vulnerable periods. [1]

Please Remember To:

  1. Never overlook your dietary and nutritional requirements.
    Maintaining your well-being is an essential part of your self-care.
  2. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Sleep helps you cope with your loss by restoring and regulating your serotonin and dopamine levels.
  3. Exercising is essential. Even a leisurely stroll will help us break the monotony and avoid falling into sedentary habits.
  4. Distract yourself from time to time. Adding new activities to your routine and finding new interests can be beneficial to your recovery.
  5. Set aside some time for yourself. Reading or meditating quietly will help you process your emotions.
  6. Maintain an open line of contact. To build a system that helps you, you’ll need the help of friends, family, and a mental health professional.

Remember that you should respect your parent’s memory by being grateful for the present moment if you have lost a parent. Don’t forget about them. Rather than focusing on what you can’t do, start celebrating yourself a little every day.


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