Jane Cunningham has been under a lot of stress for the past three months since a section of her roof has completely caved in. That is, until a bunch of Good Samaritans got together to help her rebuild her house — and her life.

Due to their family’s continuing health concerns, this single mother of three from Sudbury, Massachusetts, has been struggling financially. As a result, when her roof began to leak, she had no choice but to ignore it.

This resulted in a section of it entirely failing, causing her to close off a portion of their home since she couldn’t afford to restore it.

Unfortunately, when rain and weather entered the house, the caved-in roof caused even more complications. Mold began to develop, posing further health and safety risks, particularly for those with allergies.

Because of the extensive damage, vermin began to enter the house and even construct nests inside.

“We basically had to board that off and couldn’t use it because a piece of the ceiling had fallen down, and in with that came a giant squirrel’s nest, nuts and all,” Jane told WBZ-TV.

Jane was well aware that she and her three children were not secure in the house, but she had no alternative but to improvise solutions due to a lack of funds. She believed she’d run out of choices until a beloved friend came to her rescue.

Jane’s friend Melissa Johnson wanted to assist the Cunninghams better their living situation, so she started a GoFundMe to help them buy a new roof.

The fundraising went viral on the internet. Fortunately, it was discovered on the social media feed of Suffolk Construction Boston’s Chief Operating Officer, Dave Fenton.

Jane’s tale affected Dave, a Sudbury local, and he made preparations to assist her in any way he could. He contacted Jane and informed his trade associates and construction connections about the family’s predicament.

“It kind of just moved me. So I dug into it a little more and figured out that we should be helping,” he said. “I knew we had to jump in and help right away.”

The people were eager to go to work and restore Jane’s roof after hearing her story. In fact, they went above and above.

Jane not only got a beautiful new roof with Dave’s aid, but the volunteers also dealt with the mildew and moisture concerns in her home!

“I knew there was more to do, so I reached out to some other folks and some interior people, some demolition folks that we work with, so we got inside and took care of the mold issue, took care of the drywall, a little bit of the electrical work, and kind of got the place secured up for the wintertime,” Dave said.

A new roof, walls, and insulation have been installed in the space that was earlier infected with mildew and squirrels. Thanks to the efforts of kind volunteers, it is now habitable and safe.

The Cunninghams’ lives were forever transformed by this unforeseen incident. She struggled to make ends meet as a single mother, so she’s appreciative to the strangers who stepped in to support her family during this trying time.

“I’m just blown away by the kindness, and it really just changes our whole outlook on life, and it changes the trajectory of our life as well,” she said.

Dave and the other volunteers aren’t finished yet. They intend to come back in the spring to enhance the landscape and paint the house.

All of the supplies were given, and the work was done for free by these kind Samaritans. When individuals are focused on a similar objective, they may do incredible things!

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