Every day, it seems like something new is occurring that is aimed towards our children.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office is now issuing a warning regarding a series of web movies based on the gaming character ‘Huggy Wuggy.’

Lafayette Co. Sheriff’s Office – Facebook

‘Huggy Wuggy’ is a character from the survival horror game ‘Poppy Playtime,’ which is really classified for children aged 12 and older.

‘Huggy Wuggy,’ according to the Sherrif’s office, is a blue bear-like creature with deadly fangs. I’ve never seen the game or the character.

Lafayette Co. Sheriff’s Office – Facebook

The films appear to begin in a way that makes them appear to be intended for children, but they gradually become “nightmarish.”

The videos were created by game lovers and are available on YouTube.

Lafayette Co. Sheriff’s Office – Facebook

With scenes of murder, decapitation, and foul language, the content of these films is NOT appropriate for children.

Please monitor your children’s usage of YouTube and other video-sharing sites, according to the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the following channels are some of the ones hosting these videos.

  • GameToons
  • SamToons
  • GH’S
  • Monster School Story
  • Game My
  • Secret4Studio
  • Hornstromp 3D
  • Siren Studio
  • Bunny Games
  • Slime Channel
Lafayette Co. Sheriff’s Office – Facebook

You can read the full warning from the Lafayette Co. Sheriff’s Office on Facebook here.

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