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Plant IV Water Bags Are Perfect For The Person Who Kills All Their Plants



I’m feeling personally attacked, and I’m very convinced these were specifically intended for me…

I’m afraid I don’t have a green thumb. Succulents are my ultimate favorite plant, and I’ve even killed them.

With that said, these IV Water Bags are pure genius, and they’re ideal for folks like me who kill all of their plants.

These are basically “Plant Life Support” as the bags read and they are super simple to use.

Simply fill the bags with water and hang from the pole.

Set the dial to open and insert the arrow dripper into the soil.

Your plant will be appropriately watered on a regular basis after that. Just make sure you check to see if the bag is being filled on a regular basis.

If i would have known about these a long time ago, I could have saved so many plants.

I can promise you that this will be the best gift you could ever give to someone who struggles to keep plants alive like me.

You can grab the Plant IV Water Bags on Amazon for around $15 here.

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