Only a small few exceptional men and women are capable of completing the tough journey of becoming a marine. It all starts with the aptitude exam and boot camp, and then there’s everything else. The most committed members of this group will be promoted as well.

However, for the first time we have witnessed a marine who was promoted by a three-year-old in a YouTube video with well over 21 million views. A promotion within the ranks of the marines is usually a very formal event. Being promoted to officer is one of the highest accolades a marine can achieve, thus it is an occasion that should be treated with respect and dignity.

Heart Touching Video at The End

However, in a recent video, the marines shown that they are ready to bend the rules a little in terms of promoting another of their core values… Family. Marines are out in the field defending and protecting us so that our families may be secure at home. The entire promotion ceremony begins as you would anticipate in the video.

The commission or formal paperwork stating the serviceman’s promotion is read aloud by the senior officer. We don’t find out about the surprise till later. The rest of the marines are watching with bated breath.

They’re looking forward to the part of the ceremony where they’ll be “pinning on.” It’s the most significant portion, and the emotional tension in the air continues to increase throughout the reading. “Know that we are proposing special trust and confidence in the fidelities and abilities of Kyle B Carpenter,” the document reads.

“I do appoint this marine a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.” The officers shake the new sergeant’s hand and then summon a special visitor to join them at the ceremony. Carpenter’s three-year-old boy walks across the street, his face lit up with the cutest grin.

The proud mom and wife can be seen in the background, watching on with great enthusiasm. She pulled out her camera in the hopes of capturing the emotional moment on video.

This is one of the finest (non-official) US Marine Corps promos ever, as the title of the video implies. Despite this, everything transpired in a totally natural manner. Crystal Carpenter, the wife/YouTube mama’s account, has only ever released one video.

She must be really proud of her husband and family. We want to express our gratitude for their sacrifices and service. We are ecstatic that they choose to share this momentous occasion with us. Check out the touching moment from the Marine Corps promotion ceremony in the video below! Please tell your friends and family about this.

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