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Jose Cuervo Now Has A Peach Lemonade Margarita That Is Perfect For Summer



Summertime demands summer cocktails, and I’m crazy about a margarita!

Jose Cuervo has introduced something new to our margarita glasses just in time for summer, and I can’t wait to test it.

Jose Cuervo’s new Peach Lemonade Margarita sounds like a slice of heaven in a glass!

It’s sweet and tangy, and it’ll satisfy your thirst when you’re seeking a boozy summer beverage.

Peach Lemonade by Jose Cuervo Every sip of Margarita delivers a powerful, delectable flavor.

With a delicate tequila finish, there are flavors of fresh lemon peel, honey, agave, and juicy summer peaches.

For the ultimate ready-to-drink margarita, Jose Cuervo has combined two of the most popular summer cold drink tastes.

You don’t even need to stir it; simply pour it over ice in a nice glass and enjoy!

My idea is to make a delicious frozen Peach Lemonade Frozen Margarita by blending it with ice and perhaps some frozen peaches.

The Jose Cuervo Peach Lemonade Margarita is currently available for purchase.

It comes in a 1.75L bottle with a suggested retail price of $15.99 at shops around the country.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m off to the booze shop right now!

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