There are several tales that remind you that there is still hope in the world.
More people have come together in a meaningful way as a result of people paying it forward or just sharing a simple smile.
It’s all too tempting to focus on the negativity that pervades the media.
However, it is important to highlight the common good that is occurring all around us.

One spontaneous act of kindness can go a long way, and this story serves as a reminder.

Officer Goldsboro of North Carolina is a guy who looks for the positive in others. Goldboro has become acquainted with the homeless people in his town after nine years of working for the county.

He was walking the streets on a regular day when he made eye contact with a homeless woman he had never seen before. The officer noticed something written on the woman’s shirt that stuck out to him: “Homeless.” It’s the quickest way to become a nobody.” Goldsboro couldn’t get the woman out of his mind, so he turned around in his patrol car.

Officer Goldsboro wanted to spend his lunch break that day learning about a new person.

This thoughtful officer purchased pizza for his new lunch companion and the two exchanged stories. This stunning photograph was taken by a passer-by in their car, and what a beautiful sight it was.

The simple act of acknowledging someone who feels invisible can have a significant effect on them.

Officer Goldsboro even realized how close he and the homeless woman are as a result of being misunderstood by society. In entirely different ways, the day was a blessing for both parties. One thing that hasn’t changed is how thankful these two are for their afternoon encounter. People need empathy, and this officer is an excellent example of a caring person.

For all of our luxuries, it’s easy to forget about those that are less fortunate.

Whatever our circumstances, we should be considerate of those who are less fortunate. On most days, the homeless feel like ghosts as drivers rush by as though they don’t exist. Simply exchanging a wave or acknowledging that there is still hope means a lot.

This world would be a much more prosperous place if there were more people like Officer Goldsboro.

What a big difference it would make if we could all lend a hand or even just donate once in a while. This inspiring story should encourage others to be compassionate to others, particularly those who are in need. Even if it is just a small act, those actions reach people in a variety of ways. In these hard times, we all need to look out for one another, and this officer serves as a reminder to us all. We are no better than the other beside us and we should treat everyone just as equal.

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