Arlene Silver sings and dances with her husband Dick Van Dyke in the video for Arlene & the Vantastix’s interpretation of the famous Doris Day song “Everybody Loves a Lover.” Van Dyke, who is 96 years old, displayed his enormous skills with elegance and precision, while musician Tony Guerrero did an outstanding trumpet solo beside him.

Everybody Loves a Lover (feat. Dick Van Dyke & Tony Guerrero) – Single by Arlene & The Vantastix

The video was shot at PDC Design Gallery in Los Angeles during the Fallen Fruit show “SUPERSHOW.”

Filmed on location in Los Angeles at ‘SUPERSHOW’ the art installation by artist duo David Allen Burns and Austin Young aka Fallen Fruit.

The choreography was quite clever as it even called back to one of Van Dyke’s most classic moves.

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