Ron Williams, 84, was home alone when he slipped and fell, and his cat saved his life. And, due to his furry angel named Fluffy, the Army veteran is still around to share the heartwarming animal story!

A buddy dropped by one day with a unique gift for Ron Williams: a male cat named Fluffy.

“I looked at him and hey, I just fell in love with him,” Ron said.

The 84-year-old Army veteran and his fluffy kitten clicked right away. However, no one anticipated at the moment that Fluffy would become more than simply a cherished pet. After the heroic cat saves a life, he’d become Ron’s hero as well!

A Dreadful Accident At Home

It was the perfect storm of misfortunes on the day Ron Williams stumbled while stepping out of the shower, setting the stage for a potentially fatal conclusion.

For starters, other from his devoted pet, Fluffy, the 84-year-old was completely alone at home. He landed in a position where he couldn’t move at all as he fell. He’d also forgotten to charge his life alarm gadget in the other room. Ron’s phone was in the bathroom with him, but it was on the counter, out of reach.

“My arm was pinned under me, and the hours kept going by,” he explained.

Ron Williams had no option but to lie on the floor in pain, hoping and praying that someone would come to his aid before it was too late.

Thankfully, God had already sent a particular angel to the task. He’d brought Ron and Fluffy together in order for the cat to rescue his injured owner’s life!

A Loyal Cat Helps Save A Life

When Fluffy first moved in with Ron, the 84-year-old veteran would spend much of his day explaining his activities to the cat.

“The phone would ring, and I would say ‘ring-a-ding’,” he explained.

What Ron didn’t comprehend was that God had already begun preparing the foundation for his demise.

Ron slept on the bathroom floor from 8 a.m. until 12 a.m. Thankfully, he had Fluffy to keep him company in the room. However, the cat would go on to save his life as well!

The old guy turned to Fluffy in despair as the chance of someone discovering him seemed more bleak.

“I said ‘ring-a-ding Fluffy, you’re my only hope’,” Ron recalls. “And he was. It wasn’t even five minutes later I felt something hit my hand. And I’m here because of it.”

Ron’s cell phone was that “something.” Ron had associated the word “ring-a-ding” to the phone for Fluffy because of all the times he’d told her “ring-a-ding” while he was receiving a phone call. And when Ron spoke those words in his hour of need, the intelligent cat delivered his phone just in time for him to call for assistance.

“I relive it a million times,” the 84-year-old says. “What if he wouldn’t have been in there with me? I’d be dead today,”

Ron merely gets a few minor scrapes and bruises as a result of his pet’s behavior. And the two are much closer now than they were before.

“He’s my hero, and he always will be,” Ron said. “He’ll never be away from me until the day I die.”

Ron Williams was given just the cat he needed to save his life one day. This furry hero is a miracle in the making!

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