We believe it is fair to state that today’s children’s toys are not what they once were. The toys we played with in the 1980s were well-made, unique, and innovative, and they provided fantastic value for money. Most toys these days, at least in our opinion, are cheap, plastic, and pricey, and we desire to be taken back to our youth whenever we enter a modern-day toy store.

However, we must acknowledge that, in addition to some really classic and beautiful goods, our youth was also filled with a lot of odd, peculiar, and, dare we say, scary toys. We’ve listed ten of these toys below, and we’d love to hear whether you’ve ever had any of them.

10. Puppy Surprise

Puppy Surprise caused us 80s kids to have dialogues about birds and bees with our parents before we were ready.

The mommy dog ‘gave birth’ to a slew of tiny puppies, which was both adorable and horrifying at the same time!

9. Madballs

We can see why our parents wanted to keep us away from madballs since they were odd, ugly, and terrible!

They were, nevertheless, very popular, particularly with young boys. Do you have any?

8. Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kid

The Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kid was created with the intention of allowing youngsters to give them faux food, but the reality was considerably more distressing.

Because there have been reports of children’s hair and fingers being entangled in the toy’s chewing mouth, Mattel has decided to prohibit them!

7. My Pet Monster

It was unusual enough to acquire a cuddly toy as hideous as My Pet Monster, but the attachment it came with added to the strangeness.

Except for adult toys, we can’t remember of any toy that came with a pair of handcuffs before or afterwards, and that’s not a topic we usually go into!

6. Pregnant Barbie

We’d already had pregnant dogs, but a pregnant doll was possibly the most distressing toy of our entire childhood.

When Barbie was fully dressed, she didn’t appear nearly as horrible, but when she was stripped down, she displayed the complete anatomical horror of a visible baby in her stomach!

5. The Incredible Crash Dummies

Would you allow your kids to play with a toy that mimicked vehicle accidents? Because it was done by our parents!

The Incredible Crash Dummies were designed to resemble the full-size crash test dummies shown in late-eighties public service films.

4. Popples

You may think they’re cute, but we’ve always found Popples’ notion to be a little unsettling.

We’re not sure how a soft toy animal that folds in on itself ever received the green light, but we’re guessing a lot of you have one!

3. Food Fighters

Toy food fighting each other is an odd notion in and of itself, but the reality of Food Fighters was much stranger.

These food-based toys were hideous, to the point that we’re wondering whether they didn’t deter many youngsters from ever drinking tea again!

2. WereBears

Children are intended to be comforted by cuddly toys, which give them a sense of security. WereBears, on the other hand, aren’t like that.

These horrific toys, which transformed from a nice cuddly bear into a terrible WereBear, were the stuff of nightmares!

1. Stinkor

Stinkor was a toy from the Masters of the Universe line, and he emitted a foul stench, as his name implied.

Any parents who bought this would instantly kick themselves as they realized what was causing the peculiar odor in their home!

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