You would comprehend the close kinship you have if you grew up with siblings. Distance separates us from our brother or sister as we get older, yet the tie between them never fades. Imagine being separated from your sister when you were a child and then discovering them 18 years later. Even though you’ve been away and alone for so long, your relationship is likely still strong. When this brother and sister were adopted into separate households, this is precisely what happened to them. Get your Kleenex ready, because this one will definitely make you cry!

Shawny and Luke were separated at a young age

Shawny and Luke, who were both born in New Mexico, were just like any other siblings in that they adored one other. Despite the fact that they were in separate foster homes, their foster family made every effort to ensure that the brothers spent as much time together as possible. Unfortunately, things changed dramatically when Luke was adopted at the age of four. Shawny was not included in the adoption, and Luke and his new family relocated far away. Shawny was adopted, and he and his new family had a lovely life together. Only one thing was missing: each other.

Thanks to social media, the pair found one another

By the time they were older, neither sibling knew much about the other. They just knew their initial names. It had been 18 years since they had been apart. Luke never forgot about his little sister and resolved to track her out. With only a first name, the endeavor appeared difficult. Luke knew she was somewhere out there, and he didn’t give up looking for her.

Luke was living in Baltimore at the time, and he ultimately discovered someone on Facebook who he thought was Shawny. She was in Las Vegas at the time. When the two began conversing, it became clear that they were linked. The couple, however, could not afford to travel to see one other. Luke had a child and a family to support, so just getting up and leaving was not an option.

Daytime talk show The Real asked Luke to make an appearance

The cast and crew of “The Real” agreed to provide a hand in making their reunion a reality. Luke made an appearance on the show and talked about his wonderful recollections of his younger sister. Luke and Shawny both started weeping when she finally appeared on stage. They had finally found each other after an 18-year search.

Right now, I’m at a loss for words. My heart’s racing; I’m shaking. This is amazing,” Shawney said. She had no idea she had a brother up until the age of 13. She was just too young to remember him the way he remembered her.

On the show, Luke mentioned how they first got chatting, describing the moment as surreal.

Surreal, I have no words for it. She messaged me back right away almost and said, Hey, I think I am your sister. We had to go through a process of conformation sending pictures back and fourth.

You can watch the heartfelt moment in the video below, don’t forget to grab some tissues before watching!

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