Although the situation is serious, Captain Jack Sparrow’s appearance was not the only source of amusement in the room. While battling for his own defamation lawsuit, Depp made jokes here and there while staying calmly recounting the events. Then there’s Heard’s lawyer.

The word “objection, hearsay” has never had this much popularity before, but here’s how it improved.

While it was generally Heard’s lawyer who did it to interrupt Depp’s testimony, imagine the team’s reaction when Ben Rottenborn addressed a question and then called “hearsay objection” to himself in less than five seconds.

“Wait, you asked the question,” the judge interrupted.

The lawyer, flustered, just said ‘ohh’ before attempting to answer the question, but the courtroom had erupted in laughter.

The amusing blunder was also enjoyed by Johnny Depp, with millions hailing it as a ‘comedy gold’ moment from the court.

Another laugh-out-loud moment came when Depp was talking about a Mexican chef cooking Heard’s favorite dish when he caught himself and looked across at her crew.

“That’s hearsay, I guess,” the actor joked.

The judge added, “I’m not sure it’s even being offered for the truth of the matter [asserted].”

“He got it,” Heard’s lawyer chimed in.

“I’m learning,” said Depp.

As the court continues to hear more alarming evidence, it appears that he is learning a lot about “hearsay objection.”

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