The Munsters Count ,Lily, Herman Photo credit: Universal 1440 Entertainment

The teaser trailer for Rob Zombie’s forthcoming Munster film has been made available by Universal Pictures. In Budapest, Hungary, the revival of the venerable 1960s sitcom began filming last year.

There is no release date set for The Munsters. Regular Zombie actors Jeff Daniel Philips as Herman and Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily are part of the cast of The Munsters. Check out the video below to see Zombie’s vibrant and colorized interpretation of the vintage program.

“For those of you speculating, wondering, and assuming that The Munsters would be dirty, violent, and nast… Well, you are wrong,” Zombie wrote on Instagram earlier this year, to announce the film’s PG rating. “It’s all good down on Mockingbird Lane.”

Along with Philips and Moon Zombie, other actors playing Grandpa, Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, and Igor include Daniel Roebuck, Richard Brake, and Sylvester McCoy. In 2021, Rob Zombie stated that he had been “hunting” this movie project for “20 years.”

A bunch of amiable monsters’ domestic life was the subject of the 1964 television series The Munsters. Following its 70-episode run over the subsequent two years, many made-for-TV movies were produced. In 1988, a follow-up program called The Munsters Today debuted and lasted for four years.

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