The first signs of Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia in an aged individual are severe disorientation.

The individual suffering from this condition gradually loses the ability to orient oneself, whether it’s in terms of time or space. Even in their own home, they will begin to feel adrift. Wherever they go, these folks feel disorganized and uneasy. They may develop a chronic state of anxiousness that is difficult to break.

Often, our loved ones’ perplexity causes them to move away from their home without even realizing it.

People who have family members with this condition have sadly encountered or will face this circumstance at least once. The much-loved older person will abruptly go, and the person will get disoriented as a result of the scenario.

A Japanese business sought a solution to this problem and developed a GPS gadget that can be attached to the old person’s shoes. The GPS will be able to track the individual down every time they put on their shoes and leave the house without alerting anybody, no matter how far they’ve gone.

The Japanese are not astonished or enthralled by this development because we are constantly hearing about Japan’s technological advancements, such as robots, lifelike robot dogs, artificial intelligence, and much more. They’ve accomplished something that the entire world can profit from with their invention.

Wish Hills has developed a technology that they think can assist older persons with Alzheimer’s or senile dementia in determining how to return home, or in other words, have a family member locate them.

Elderly persons with severe conditions do not wear watches or carry cellphones, and they lose all sense of place and time.

However, they are unable to leave the house without their shoes. This Japanese business realized this and developed GPS gadgets that can be attached to shoes for simple locating.

A smartphone notice is delivered from this GPS gadget to a close family who may use a map to locate the individual with the condition. The map may be seen on a computer or a smartphone.

The GPS gadget will transmit the signal if the old person goes 165 feet (50 meters), 328 feet (100 meters), or 1640 feet (500 meters) outside of his dwelling. This will aid in locating his specific position sooner than later.

Currently, these GPS shoes are sold only in Japan and they are not cheap. They sell for about $300 per pair of shoes.

This technology, however, would not help just Japan, where about a quarter of the population is over 65. Something like this might be beneficial to the entire globe.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), senile dementia affects 47.5 million individuals worldwide. Every year, 7.7 million people are diagnosed with this condition. This type of information is concerning, and other nations may become engaged in the usage of these valuable technologies.


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