We already revealed that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Tony Jaa, and Megan Fox will be joining the Expendables 4 cast, but we now have breaking information on the villain. According to rumors, Hulk Hogan himself has agreed to portray the main antagonist. Stallone has been in discussions with Hulk for years about making an appearance in the franchise, and it now appears that not only will he make an appearance but that he will also play the primary antagonist. Of course, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture have also officially joined the cast. There has been no indication on whether any other franchise members will be coming back.

There will be a before the credits opening in the movie. It’s planned to start in the bush, where Stallone and his squad are imprisoned. Similar to how Chuck Norris appeared to be there to save them in part 2, Hulk Hogan will emerge out of nowhere and offer to help, only for him to do a dramatic heel flip. According to rumors, Hogan will murder a member of Stallone’s crew with four devastating leg drops before proclaiming that he is the face of the New World Order. While Hogan makes a commercial in which he claims that anybody who opposes him is like the garbage in the jungle, Stallone and his squad will escape and swear retribution.

Hogan will be in command of a tiny army, and they will be out to seize power. There is no information as to what they will be taking over; it is only said that they will. The primary objectives are being kept a secret, but insiders have told us that the Iron Sheik, who will be portraying a dictator/weed farmer, will team up with Hulk and two men who resemble former WWE wrestlers Diesel and Razor Ramon to overthrow the world’s government with a missile they have bought from him.

The payoff will undoubtedly occur in the anticipated conclusion when Stallone, Statham, and Lundgren compete against Hulk Hogan and his outsides in a trios match with death match rules and a winner-take-all prize. I’m hoping that some of the other cast members will make a comeback because I’d love to see Terry Crews go up against the Hulkster. Speaking of the Hulkster, he has dyed his beard dark and left the mustache blonde to really amp up the bad guy image. He is also getting back into top form.

We will provide additional information when it becomes available for Expendables 4 because development is scheduled to start soon.

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