Angels have appeared at the side of millions of individuals all across the world right before they shed this planet’s skin and pass on to eternal. Angels in the shape of heavenly lights have also been seen by doctors, nurses, and loved ones. After a patient dies away, a camera shows an angel rising over a helicopter in this footage.

While some people dismiss angels appearing on deathbeds as a hallucination, this video proves that angels are everywhere! Angels come to look after us, talk to us, and guide us back to our homes. God directs his angels to defend us and carry out God’s will, according to the Bible. There’s even a narrative about a beggar called Lazarus in the New Testament. When he died, angels carried him to heaven (Luke 16:22).

So, might the angel in this video be an angel assisting the patient who died in his journey to the afterlife? The encounter was recorded on video as the chopper prepared to take off. When a bright shadow bursts out of the aircraft before disappearing, it begins to rise off the ground and hover.

Some speculate that the silhouette depicted an angel escorting the sufferer home. Some argue that it was the turbo blow-off valve releasing pressure, while others believe it was dust from the rotor blades.

When the video was posted online, it quickly racked up over 124,000 shares. One viewer posted, “The soul leaves the body at death, also the Bible says, as sure as you have an earthly body, at death you’ll take on a spiritual body….and this is it leaving the physical body.”

Another viewer posted, “Wow, praise God. He is real.”

The photograph tells us that death is nothing to be afraid of because we will be traveling to our heavenly mansions with a buddy at our side. God will send his angels to everyone of us at at the proper time! This film is a stunning depiction of the otherworldly that surrounds us.

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;” Psalm 91:11

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