“Batteries Not Included” is a 1987 American science fiction fantasy film directed by Matthew Robbins. The film tells the story of a group of tenants in a rundown apartment building who are facing eviction by a ruthless developer. They are aided by a group of small flying saucer-like robots, who help to renovate the building and protect the tenants. The film was a moderate success at the box office and has since become a cult classic. Here are 6 unknown facts about the movie “Batteries Not Included” that you may not have known:

The film’s original title was “The Spacemen,” but it was changed to “Batteries Not Included” to tie in with the film’s central premise of the small flying saucer-like robots.

The film’s famous flying saucer robots were designed and built by the special effects team. The robots were operated by remote control and were filmed using a combination of miniature and full-size sets.

The film’s famous apartment building was a real building located in New York City. The filmmakers had to negotiate with the building’s owners to use the building’s facilities, and the building was repainted and renovated for the film.

The film’s famous “flying saucer” scene was shot on a miniature set. The special effects team built a miniature replica of the apartment building and filmed the scene using miniature flying saucer robots.

The film’s famous “eviction” scene was filmed on location. The filmmakers had to negotiate with the local authorities to use the location and to block off the streets for filming.

The film’s famous “robot fight” scene was filmed using animatronics. The special effects team built animatronic robots to film the scene, and the robots were operated by remote control.

These unknown facts about “Batteries Not Included” show that the film was a lot more than just a simple science fiction fantasy film, it had a lot of behind the scenes stories that give it a unique touch and made it a cult classic. The film’s success and popularity have stood the test of time and it continues to be a favorite amongst audiences today.

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